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CANCELLED - Winemaker Tasting with Tony Coturri

Harvest started early this year! Tony's receiving grapes this weekend, and had to postpone. We look forward to having him in the shop post harvest!

Tony Coturri is a legend in the world of natural winemaking, but if you ask him “why make natural wine?” he’ll just tell you that’s how his family always did it. In 1901 his grandfather Enrico immigrated to San Francisco, where he worked as a cooper. He taught the traditional winemaking techniques of his Italian village to his son Harry “Red”, who in turn taught them to his sons Phil and Tony. Red & sons founded Coturri Winery in 1979. Bucking all trends of the times, the Coturris have always farmed their Sonoma Mountain property with no chemical pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. (Tony now sources from an organic vineyard in Mendocino, too.) Their winemaking sees no cultured yeast, no additives, no SO2 at any stage, and employs only neutral wood vessels for aging wines. It’s that simple: just make wine like your grandfather did. 

Tony is now revered as a visionary, and his terroir-driven wines showcase the purity of California’s fruit in a way that’s classic and revolutionary all at once. Come meet Tony, hear what it was like to be a natural producer in California before it was cool, and taste some spectacular wines.

Saturday, September 9th, 3:00-6:00 pm
Flight of 3 wines, $15
As always, featured bottles will be for sale at 10% off to tasting participants, during the event only.

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